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For maritime shippings, we select grapes from our covered plots of land in order to guarantee the best quality and the best visuel aspect to our customers.

Then we proceed to the active packaging of the grapes.
Our warehouse is equipped with cold rooms adapted to the preservation of grapes in total respect of the cold chain, from the vintage.
The empotages of the complete containers are directly made in our warehouse situated on the production site.

Active Packaging

As soon as the grapes are vintaged, they are put into active packaging.


Each packaged pallet is then directly moved into the pulsed air cold room.


Several types of packaging are available for maritime shippings :

- Cardboard tray :               - Fumigué wooden tray :

     - 30x50 cm                    - 30x50 cm

     - 30x40 cm                    - 30x40 cm

     - 40x60 cm

Conservation optimale

After the harvest, grapefruits are moved to cold rooms in order to guaranty their conservation. 

One day afther the grapes are placed in cold rooms, theys are ready to be exported.


Before any empotage, each product, each container is strickly checked in the respect of HACCP certifications. 

Contrôle phytosanitaire

We are constantly in contact with phytosanitary services. 


In each container 2 temperature recorders are placed in order to check the respect of the cold chain. 


Once all the controls are made, the grapes are ready to be exported.


For full containers, empotages are directely made from our warehouse in Sicilia.


In order to guaranty an optimal reactivity in case of unforeseen circumstances,  we display buffer stocks in our logistic platform in France.