The PERUZZO Company was born more than 50 years ago. With the NEGREL-PERUZZO company, Alexandre PERUZZO started by creating a complete service from the warehouse of The Cadiere d’Azur, in South of France.


In 1982, Alexandre created PERUZZO IMPORT-EXPORT in Marseille in order to develop the selling on the spot on the M.I.N. During the following years, he signed various partnerships with his best producers with the aim of selling products from Italy on the French market. Years after years, the company specialised in grapefruits and Alexandre PERUZZO started being involved in production : a first investment in the Puglies in South Italy, was made in cooperation with the LUCIAN-FRUTTA Company and PERUZZO IMPORT-EXPORT supported the building of a frigorific warehouse more adapted to the ever-increasing demand.


In 1992, when his grand-son Lucas was born, Alexandre created the LUCAS brand.

In 1993, the first LUCAS products appeared on the market and especially the first grapefruits.


In 2008, Magali PERUZZO, Alexandre’s daughter, joined the company. In 2010, it is Lucas, her son, who joined too.


After several business trips in Sicilia, Lucas and his brother, Tony, joined forces with Giuseppe, based in Sicilia. The 3 young men are equally concerned by the desire to produce a constant quality and wish to commercialize grapefruits of excellence : the AGRICOLA PERUZZO Company was born in 2012.


In 2012, ALE'X brand was registered in the name of Alexandre PERUZZO.




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Peruzzo Story